How to Sit In a Gaming Chair the Right Way

A good gaming chair is essential equipment for a gamer to get a better gaming experience. Not only the gaming chair but a comfortable gaming chair is required for a long gaming session, and we also know that how expensive a comfortable gaming chair can be. Your body posture is also important, so in this content, you will get the points that how to sit in a gaming chair the way without having back pain even after long hours of gaming.

When you get a new gaming chair, the most important thing is to assemble it correctly according to your body. If you don’t adjust it properly, you might get back pain, so you need to adjust the chair’s height, seat depth, armrest, and backrest according to your height and body posture.

Here is the complete guide on how to sit in a gaming chair?



Proper sitting posture is essential to avoid injuries. Adjusting a height can make a big difference to your posture. While sitting, make sure that your feet are correctly placed on the floor and your knees are correctly in line with your hips, try to sit straight on the chair.

For best sitting posture, make sure your chair’s backrest is between 100° and 110°.


Correct Seat Height

Setting the correct height of your gaming chair or office chair is vital to get a proper posture. First, sit on the chair and ensure that your feet are flat on the floor properly. Your back should be straight rather than a curve. Your upper leg and lower leg need to be at a 90-degree angle at the knees. If you don’t feel comfortable in this position, you can slightly adjust it but make sure that your knees are slightly lower than your hips.

Setting the seat height too low will have the knees position above your hips, and too high will place your knees below the hips both positions will stress your spine.

Make sure that your feet are flat to the floor, and your knee angle should be larger than 90 degree, the same thing with your thighs and your upper body. They also should be at an angle of 90 degrees minimum while sitting. If you ignore these things, you will suffer muscle tension which causes backaches.


Seat Depth

The seat’s depth can be measured with the length of the sitting area from its edge to the backrest. The best sitting position is that, which allows the free blood circulation in your legs. While sitting on a chair, your back should be touched with the chair’s backrest, and the seat’s edge should be between 2-4 fingers width away from your knees.


Adjust the Tilt

All gaming chairs don’t have a seat tilt adjustment, but when it’s about gaming, you have to pick a chair with seat tilt adjustment, which allows the seat slightly tilted forward. This helps your pelvis be slightly ahead, which helps protect your spine and release the tension. If you’re looking for the best gaming chairs with tilt adjustment, visit the best computer chair for long hours. There are so many comfortable office and gaming chairs you must love them.



Chairs with armrests are the perfect choice for a long gaming session, and if you correctly adjusted the armrest, they will release your shoulders, upper back, and neck also reduce the pressure. When you adjust the armrest, make sure your forearm and lower arm are at a 90-degree angle when you feel your forearm is relaxed and your shoulders are in a comfortable position (neither up nor down), while the armrest and your armrest and your gaming table on the same level.


Backrest and Back Tilt

One more adjustment is the lumbar support which protects your spine and stays away from back pain. Adjust the tilt slightly forward. This will slightly push the lumbar cushion against your lower back. This pressure is necessary for the correct sitting position in your gaming chair.

A good gaming chair must have a comfortable backrest when you sit on a gaming or office chair, and your spine should be entirely supported. Adjust the back tilt so you can sit in an upright posture. If you adjust the backrest correctly, it will make your head above your pelvis. It might be possible to get disturbed with a lumbar cushion initially, but don’t be and use it from time to time.


Neck Support

If your gaming chair has neck support like a neck pillow and you are not using it, then put it on the neck rest of the chair, and when you get free time, put your head on it and take a benefit with it. This will help you to relax your nerve and muscles, also protect you from back pain.


Which Gaming Chair Should You Buy?

Many people look at the appearance of a gaming chair and decide to buy it. But those who are gamers and spend a lot of time on their chairs should look up the features of gaming chairs.

There are many gaming chairs in the market with different features, but you should pick one which fulfills all your requirements. For example, chairs that come with an extended backrest, adjustable armrest, lumbar support, or neck support are good as they can adjust according to your height at any time.

Suppose you pick the chair that offers you 360-degree swivel and multi-direction wheels that move smoothly on the floor and protect your floor from scratches. In addition, the chair’s base should be sturdy because it is a one-time investment everything of the chair should be perfect according to your requirements.

We have a list of best gaming chair reddit that all are unique chairs for gaming and office use. So go and grab your chair at affordable prices with lots of comfortable features.


Now you know how much the correct sitting position is important for your body. Adjusting your gaming chair according to the above guide on how to sit in a gaming chair will prevent you from back pain, neck pain, and other long-term health issues. While playing long term, take a little rest or take benefit with lumbar and neck cushion. Before buying any gaming chair, make sure it has all the adjustment options. If you want to know how to clean a gaming chair, here is a complete and easy guide.

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