How to Clean a Gaming Chair

This content will teach you how to clean a gaming chair properly and what causes your gaming chair to get dirty. Before cleaning the gaming chair, determine that it is made of mesh, fabric, or leather.

To find the material of your chair, check the label, instruction of manufacturing, or product list. To keep your gaming chair clean, wipe your chair every day and avoid eating and drinking around your gaming area.


How Does Gaming Chair Get Dirty?

You might be asking yourself that why does my gaming chair get dirty? Well, it depends on the fabric and stuff of the chair. Different materials get dirty due to different reasons. I will tell you how to clean a gaming chair of different materials in depth.


What Makes Fabric and Mesh Gaming Chair Dirty?

 If you have a chair made with fabric or mesh, it has more chances of getting dirty easily. There are some reasons how these chairs get dirty easily.

Mesh chair- dust getting stuck in mesh easily, the holes of the mesh chair gets dirty easily, and it isn’t easy to clean it properly. When you try to clean the mesh chair harder, it gets more difficult to clean it.

Fabric chair- cloth fabric easily gets dirt. So when you clean your house, the dust will automatically stick itself to the thread of the chair, and it looks really dirty.

Eating & drinking- if you eat and drink while gaming, this is the big reason to get dirt on your gaming chair. When you eat or drink something, it might have chances to spill drops of your dinks or fall pieces of snacks on the chair, this is a big reason to get dirt on the chair so quickly.


What Makes the Leather Chair Dirty?

If you have a leather gaming chair, it has fewer chances of getting dirty easily.

PU leather doesn’t allow the dirt to stick because the material isn’t designed like that.

But it doesn’t mean that leather chairs don’t get dirty. On the contrary, they can be dirty easily if you eat or drink while sitting on them. But the process of cleaning is easier than the fabric and mesh chair.


How to Clean Gaming Chair

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Identify Material of Gaming Chair

The first thing you should identify is the material of the gaming chair you have if you are doubtful about the material. To find out the material check the label under the chair, product listing, or manufacturer instructions. You will get the details about your gaming chair, including the material.

Most of the chairs are made of leather or cloth. Once you know the material, you can efficiently clean the chair.

Step 2: Dust and Vacuum

If you clean your gaming area and get a cloud of dust on your chair, stick on the corners. Cleaning a chair with a wet cloth makes cleaning more difficult. The simple and easiest way to clean your gaming chair is to vacuum it.

Use a vacuum or blower to get the dust and debris off of the fabric. This is a good way to take off all the stuck dust from your cloth of gaming chair.

Vacuum your chair every week to prevent the particles from going too deep into the fiber, if you don’t vacuum it weekly, you should need to do a deep clean.

Step 3: Deep Cleaning

Now it’s time for deep cleaning. The food and spillage make the chair more dirty and difficult to clean.

Read the cleaning directions given on the gaming chair. On the care note, you can find one or two letters it might say S or W or S/W. These symbols explain what to use on the material.

S means you can clean the material with solvent, W means use only water, although a small amount of dishwasher won’t hurt.

S/W means you can use both solvent and water. For example, to remove the stains and make your chair clean.

Step 4: Clean Stains

If your chair has stubborn stains, then water and solvent aren’t enough to remove the stains. You can also use a small amount of dish soap to remove the stain.

If the stain is still here, there is another way to remove the stubborn stain.


  • Take a cotton ball and add few drops of rubbing alcohol.
  • Place the cotton on the stain.
  • Let it sit.

This trick is good for all kinds of stubborn stains such as food, drink, blood, etc. Please don’t use this trick every time. It’s only for tough stains. Don’t rub the alcohol on the material as it damages the chair.

Step 5: Clean the Rest Areas of the Chair

Once you remove the stains, it’s time to clean the rest of the chair, like the armrest, frame, and base. These parts are much easier to clean as they are made of plastic or iron. Mild detergent soap and water are enough to give them a new look.

Now take a piece of clean cloth and wipe the chair until it looks clean.

Don’t forget to clean casters. The caster has a wheel and bracket.


  1. Remove the casters from the chair.
  2. Now take a scissor, cut the tangled or stuck hair, thread, etc.
  3. Vacuum the area where your chair sits.

Follow the above steps of cleaning and regular maintenance will keep your chair clean and looks new.


Regular Care of Gaming Chair

 Some daily tips to protect your chair from damage


  • Stay away from the chair from direct sunlight as it fades the color.
  • If you have a pillow or cushion on a chair, hand washes them.
  • Keep the bolts and nuts tight.
  • Don’t eat or drink while gaming.


Is Cleaning Chair Necessary?

If you are a true gamer, you know the worth of gaming equipment. May you think that the cleaning process is difficult and takes a lot of time, but the gaming chair is also precious and deserves to be clean properly.


Best Gaming Chairs

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Conclusion Regular maintenance makes it easy for you and keep you away from a deep cleaning. If your gaming chair needs to be clean, follow the above cleaning steps the right way. This will not only make your gaming area looks impressive but also give you a great gaming experience.

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