Gaming Chair Size Guide-How Big Chair Do You Need For Gaming?

Gaming Chair Size Guide

When we talk about buying a gaming chair, we go to the shop and buy it according to its appearance and budget. But when we start using it, we face so many problems like some chairs are specially made for heightened persons, and some are for small persons. So before any regret, read this page carefully and get the information about the perfect gaming chair size guide.

When you spend your money on a gaming chair, make sure your money isn’t wasted because of your wrong decision.

Choosing the perfect gaming chair according to your physical body type and height is essential, so we will help you pick the right one for you.

Following our gaming chair size guide will help you find the perfect gaming chair size for yourself. So not only you can play in your comfort zone even your back and knees will be in comfort zone.

Comfortable gaming chairs promote better posture, and you will spend more time in front of your gaming desk without pain.

You will feel better if you spend your money to buy a perfect gaming chair. So let’s go to the gaming chair size guide.


Standard Gaming Chair Size Guide

The typical gaming chair is designed to fit average-sized users, and most gaming chairs are produced in China and ship worldwide. Average gaming chair size guide


   Average Size of Men  Average Size of Women
China 5’6″ 155 pounds 5’2″ 130 pounds
USA 5’8″ 200 pounds 5’3″ 171 pounds
United Kingdom 5’8″ 191 pounds 5’4″ 160 pounds
Average Size 5’7″ (170 cm) 177 pounds (80 kg) 5’3″ (160 cm) 148.5 pounds (67 kg)

The average size of a gaming chair for males is 5’7” (170 cm) 177 pounds (80 kg). It is perfect for all types of bodies as it has more flexibility.

Larger users should buy a chair with a wide seat as its support to their legs. If your chair narrows, you will dig into the chair.


Ideal Size of Gaming Chair

The most critical factor in choosing the best gaming chair is taking your body type into account. The gaming chair must be selected according to the person’s body measurements like height, weight, etc. Buying a perfect gaming chair is like buying shoes because it needs to fit correctly. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable and can’t concentrate on gaming. For example, if your height is average, like 5’7”, and you pick the chair made for 6’3”, you can’t feel comfortable in that chair.

Gaming chairs for big and tall persons need to design larger and stronger than slim and smart users.


Sturdy Frame

The chair’s base is nylon plastic for light-weighted gamers for big and tall people, and the base must be metal. But we recommend if you are tall or short, pick the chair that offers you a metal base. In addition, the chair’s inner frame must be heavy gauge steel so that it can bear the weight quickly.


High-Density Foam Padding

The foam of the chair and cushion should not be neglected because it helps you to sit comfortably. A high-density foam padding chair won’t get you tired quickly, and you can sit straight on the chair without sinking into it. In addition, if your chair allows you a thick foam pad, you will stay away from pain and keep fresh the entire day.


Ergonomic Design

Different chairs are made for different body types. So everyone can’t adjust to any chair. Because if you are short and you pick the chair made for tall person, you can’t sit properly in that chair your shoulders won’t touch to the chair’s height and same with the feet they can’t place to the floor properly, and you will get pain in different body parts.

Ergonomic gaming chairs are for low weight and a petite physique manufactured at low cost than chairs designed for tall and weighted people.



Most gaming chairs come with an armrest as it gives comfort to your arms and is necessary for a long gaming session. But some chairs have a simple armrest they don’t move and adjust these chairs don’t suit all users. The chairs with adjustable armrests are an excellent choice for all users, even for tall or short, as they adjust up-down and right-left.


Seat Width

Your gaming chair seat’s width must be more comprehensive than your hips. The wider your seat, the more comfortable you sit. If you pick the one with regular seat width, the armrests will dig into you, and you get tired so quickly.

Before buying a gaming chair, measure your hips and then buy a chair that is 2 to 4 inches wider than your body.


Seat Depth

Choose a gaming chair that allows you to sit with your back against the backrest and maintain a 2 to 4 inches space between your legs and seat edge.

You can determine the seat depth by sitting down. Your upper leg and lower leg should be at 90- degrees angle at the knees. Your feet must be flat on the floor properly, and your back meets the seat’s back.


Backrest Height & Width

The backrest of the chair should be at minimum reach and support to your lumbar spine. Many gaming chairs have come with backrest height adjustment. They help you to adjust the backrest according to your height. If you want to recline, your chair chooses a chair that reaches your upper back and neck.

Ergonomic chairs also allow you lumbar support cushion and neck pillow. It gives support to your back and neck while sitting.

If the user is fat and tall, you should go with a wide backrest, measure your waist and add 2 to 4 inches to your gaming chair’s width. The wider the width, your sitting position will be more comfortable.


FAQ’s About Gaming Chair Size Guide

How big should a gaming chair be?

If you are tall, you should buy a long backrest gaming chair at least 30 to 32 inches long because gaming chairs are longer than your ordinary office chairs, which gives you better support to your neck and shoulders. Also, it keeps you away from pain.

What is the best chair height for gaming?

Your ideal seat height can measure the distance from the floor to the little below to your kneecap. While sitting, your feet rest flat on the floor, and your knees should be bend at 90 degrees angle.

Can a gaming chair be too big?

Not every user should use a big gaming chair because small users on an oversized chair will miss the vital ergonomic benefits. In addition, a small body while using a large gaming chair will lose the back support that a gaming chair provides.

Should gaming chairs have arms?

Gaming chairs with armrests support our upper limbs and reduce the weight in the lower back when being a sitting posture.

Do weight limits on gaming chairs matter?

The maximum weight capacity of standard gaming chairs is between 250 to 300 pounds. For large bodies, XL gaming chairs are better than the standard gaming chairs. Whenever you buy a gaming chair, first read its label. If the chair allows a certain weight, it can be an actual chair.


All the above measurements are essential parts of the gaming chair, especially if you sit for long hours.

Users with broader bodies should buy a large frame and wider gaming chair with a sturdy base.

Short and slim people go with a smart and small dimension gaming chair as it is perfect for them but make sure the base is made of sturdy metal.

People who are tall, short, fat, or thin can easily find their type of gaming chair according to their physique.

I hope our gaming chair size guide has helped you find the best gaming chair for the best gaming experience.

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