Top 10 Best Enchantments for Sword in Minecraft

Best Enchantments for Sword in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can use anything as a weapon. You can kill the mobs by using the fishing rod or just punching them. Pick axe, an axe or hoe all these craftable tools can kill the monsters but none is more effective than sword. In this content, I will tell you how you can make your Minecraft sword more powerful by enchanting with the best sword enchantments Minecraft. All the best enchantments for swords are given below, how you can use them and kill the enemies by using these powers.

In Minecraft, there were more than 126 million active users in 2018 across all platforms. This number is increased in 2019 and 2020 as well and 200 million copies sold by 2021. One of the powerful items in Minecraft game is a diamond sword. A diamond sword can be used for 1562 times before breaking. The durability can be extended by repairing the sword via enchantments.

best enchantments for sword in minecraft

To kill the mobs, you can make your block designs or fight with them by punching. You can also fight with the fishing rod, but it is not as powerful as a sword, so it should be a last resort. The best thing is to keep a sword all the time as this will eliminate all threats in less time.

So if you want to know the best sword enchantments Minecraft, I will tell you everything that will help you play better.

Advantages of Best Enchantments for Sword in Minecraft

As you know, that sword is the best weapon to kill the mobs. To make your sword more powerful, use the enchantments so you can quickly kill hordes of monsters without having any break (repairing weapon).

There is too much difficulty in any player, so we should make things easy. So, when you play Minecraft, make sure that your sword is enchanted with the best enchantments to take benefits and advantages.

  • If you have an enchanted sword, it has a low risk of damage the player.
  • You can quickly kill the mobs if you have a magical sword with you.
  • When your work on sword enchantments, you will also get enchantment weapons.
  1. Curse of Vanishing (Highest Level: I)
curse of vanishing best enchantments for sword minecraft

Curse of vanishing is an enchantment that helps to make an item disappear when the player dies in-game.

After death, this enchantment will completely vanish instead of being dropped.

This is the best sword enchantment Minecraft if you use a PvP server so enemies can’t take your items.

2. Bane of Arthropods (Highest Level: V)

bane of arthropods best enchantments for sword minecraft

The bane of arthropods has a max level of 5. If you face difficulty killing mobs like spiders, silverfish, cave spiders or endermite, this enchantment will help increase the attack against these types of creatures.

If you have an XP farm with spider spawners or cave spiders, you can easily kill the spawned monster. Usually, endermites are found on the end, while silverfish generates in strongholds.

3. Sweeping Edge (Highest Level: III)

Sweeping edge best enchantments for sword minecraft

Sweeping edge enchantment in Minecraft is a perfect way to defeat your enemies by sweeping the sword. The maximum level of this enchantment will increase the damage. It is ideal if you are in trouble with weak seep attacks that take longer to give enough damage. Sweep attacks happen when you attack while standing, and the attack recharge meter is more than 84.4%.

Sweeping edge enchantment is only available in the Java version of the game.

4. Fire Aspect (Highest Level: II)

Fire aspect best enchantments for sword minecraft

Fire aspect is an exciting enchantment in the game. Set your enemies on fire by using this enchantment. This is good with the fire aspect because once you kill a cow, a chicken or any other animal that can be eaten, they drop a cooked food instantly (chicken, beef, meat, etc.)

Fire aspect will light up your enemies on fire and add the base damage and burning damage. Combine it with sharpness and sweeping edge to set the multiple enemies on fire.

5. Smite (Highest Level: V)

Smite V best enchantments for sword minecraft

Smite increases the damage against undead creatures like zombies and skeletons. This is useful most of the time, also good if you have skeletons and zombie XP farm. Smite V is equal to the bane of arthropods. It does not stack together with the sharpness and bane of arthropods. Here are some undead types:

  • Skeletons (the most common)
  • Zombie villager
  • Zombie (another common)
  • Wither
  • Giant

6. Knockback (Highest Level: II)

Knockback best enchantments for sword minecraft

Knockback enchantment can be used in a sword that puts extra knockback force with each hit. Usually, your sword has a small amount of push force that will knock back your enemies for 2 to 3 blocks. However, you can send them flying 6 to 7 blocks away from you with knockback II enchantment.

This enchantment is good to control the crowd if you are in a dangerous spot, especially hardcore mode.

But this enchantment is not suitable for survival because your goal is to kill your enemies and not push them away.

7. Sharpness (Highest Level: V)

Sharpness best enchantments for sword minecraft

Sharpness V can be applied to sword and axe both weapons. Sharpness V is one of the powerful enchantments in this game. It can deal with any mobs when it comes to damage output.

Sharpness V increases the outgoing damages of the sword by 3 attack damage. It is the same sword still except deadlier, sharper and more destructive with every increase in enchantment level.

All the golden tools and books can get sharpness V from using an enchantment table.

8. Looting (Highest Level: III)

Looting best enchantments for sword minecraft

Looting and fortune both enchantments are equal, which can be used on shovels and pickaxes. Looting III is the best choice for treasure hunters and those who want to notch up the RNG game.

This enchantment not only increases the drop of items from mobs and also increase the chance for rare drops to appear.

Looting enchantment is helpful when hunting for items like withering skeleton skulls and the eyes of the ender.

9. Unbreaking (Highest Level: III)

Unbreaking best enchantments for sword minecraft

Unbreaking is a must if you want your items last this is the most important and all-rounder enchantment in the game.

You can use it on tools such as fishing rods, shears, armors and weapons.

When you use unbreaking, there is a chance that the durability will not increase for each time usage. This chance is happening (100+ (level+1)).

Your weapons will be prolonged with unbreaking, but it does not mean that your weapons will not damage.

10. Mending

Mending best enchantments for sword minecraft

Mending is the best enchantment in the game by many people because it helps in the longevity of items.

This enchantment will not increase the damage of your attacks but can increase your weapon’s outgoing total damage in the long run.

This enchantment can use on the sword and other items that use for durability.

Mending will not work with arrows that have infinity enchantment.


Minecraft is the craze of so many people today, and day by day, its new features are coming. Of course, all the players want to stay safe from mobs, and for that, they must need enchantments.

So all these enchantments are the best enchantments for sword and help you to fight against mobs. I hope you get this article helpful and get the amazing tricks to improve your sword.

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